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No open positions at the moment.


Hello! I encourage you to explore our Research Themes and recent Publications to get a feel for the work we do. Our focus is on the biomechanics and energetics of fish locomotion, and I'm eager to mentor students who bring both creativity and enthusiasm to our team. We'll collaborate to develop a research plan that aligns with your interests and goals. 

Additional insights into our lab environment:

  • Our projects often involve extensive analysis of 3D data of fish movement. Enthusiasm for your project and keenness to develop strong quantitative skills are essential for thriving in our lab.

  • We place a high value on equity and diversity. Our research is enhanced by a range of perspectives and experiences, and we're aware of the disparities in early research opportunities.

  • Our lab culture is supportive and enjoyable. We prioritize kindness and teamwork and maintain a strict policy against any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.


If this environment resonates with you, please feel free to reach out to me: valentina.disanto (at)

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