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Postdoctoral Fellow in Fish Walking Biomechanics and Physiology

The successful candidate will be part of an interdisciplinary research project, based at Stockholm University in the lab of Dr. Valentina Di Santo. The postdoctoral scholar will work within the project "Walking Fish: Integrating biomechanics, energetics and robotics to study water-land transition" funded by the Human Frontiers Science Program with research partners at the University of Chicago (USA) and the University of Cambridge (UK). The overall aim in the Di Santo Lab will involve 1) experimental work addressing walking energetics and biomechanics of benthic fishes across different environmental conditions, and 2) assessing how intraspecific variation in fin morphology can affect walking mechanics. This is an innovative and collaborative opportunity to combine diverse fields of physiology, biomechanics, and engineering to understand the evolution of underwater walking. For work in the Di Santo lab, a strong candidate will have a background in either Animal Biomechanics or Aquatic Eco-Physiology and a deep interest in fluid mechanics and/or anatomy. There is scope to develop parallel projects for an organized and independent candidate.


Qualification requirements
Salary is provided as a tax-free scholarship stipend. Thus, only non-Swedish citizens with a doctoral degree or similar equivalent acquired in a country other than Sweden can apply. The degree must have been completed at latest before the employment decision is made, but no more than five years before the closing date. An older degree may be acceptable under special circumstances. Special reasons refer to sick leave, parental leave, elected positions in trade unions, service in the total defense, or other similar circumstances as well as clinical attachment or service/assignments relevant to the subject area.

Terms of employment
The position involves full-time employment for one year in the first instance. Following satisfactory progression, another year can be appointed. Start date, per agreement in 2023. The Di Santo Lab strives to be a workplace free from discrimination and with equal opportunities for all.

Evaluation Criteria
In the appointment process, special attention will be given to candidates with a strong background in either experimental biomechanics, fluid mechanics or energetics of locomotion and willingness to learn analytical methods.  Given the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the funding, applicants should be good communicators and happy to work in an international team with engineers, anatomists, paleontologists and physiologists, spread across three countries, as well as work independently to solve challenging technical problems.


Further information about the position can be obtained from Dr. Valentina Di Santo, valentina.disanto (at) When contacting Dr. Di Santo please outline why you’re interested in the position, your experience in biomechanics, fluid mechanics and\or energetics of locomotion, and what makes you a suitable candidate. Please include your CV with a list of publications.


Master and undergraduate students

I'm always looking for Master and undergraduate students who want to join the lab. If you're interested, please drop me an email.

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