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JEB Symposium in Mürren, Switzerland

Updated: Apr 6

I've recently returned from Mürren, Switzerland, where I attended the Journal of Experimental Biology Symposium 2024, “Integrating Biomechanics, Energetics, and Ecology in Locomotion.” The symposium brought together researchers from the fields of biomechanics, ecology, and physiology, fostering a collaborative effort to enhance our understanding of how animals move through different environments.

A pivotal aspect of the discussions emphasized the necessity of adopting a cohesive approach to research. Often, the examination of movement is compartmentalized by discipline, with each focusing on distinct aspects such as mechanics, energy usage, and ecological patterns. The group proposed the creation of a research framework that would bridge the gap between laboratory and field research, facilitating a more integrated and meaningful analysis of movement data.

The symposium was also a catalyst for forward-thinking and exploratory ideas regarding future research directions. I am excited about the possibilities of these future research projects. Special thanks to Andy Biewener and Alan Wilson for inviting us, and to the Company of Biologists along with the editors of the Journal of Experimental Biology for organizing this impressive event.

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